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Bridging Cultural Communities

Our Mission

O Team is a 501 c3 Non-profit cultural organization committed to designing transformative artistic, educational, and cultural projects to impact underserved, underrepresented, and intergenerational community members in New York City and Puerto Rico. We aim to build inclusive communities that foster advocacy for social justice, authentic expressions, and love for the arts. We also aim to create safe, open-minded learning spaces where cultural diversity is respected and celebrated. Through multicultural and multidisciplinary initiatives, we create culturally responsive experiences where the arts and education meet, and where we can create equity and equality for all participants. O Team collaborates with Afro-indigenous artists and educators to create a BIPOC network, as we work on the sustainability of our services and collaborators. We aim to build creative and healthier communities and create change for younger generations, as we acknowledge our community elders' presence in remembering our traditions and position them as pillars of these communities for visibility and interconnectedness. We work with embodied information, oral tradition, music, and the stories that reaffirm our identity. We seek the support of philanthropic agencies and individuals who believe Afro-indigenous communities can thrive, and in the power of the arts and culture as means of empowerment.

with the legacy of our ancestry.

Our Vision

O Team facilitates unique educational and artistic social projects and curriculums to instill creative expression, create agency around wellness, social capital, and cultivate ways to reconnect with self and others as we advocate for social justice.  We support leadership with professional development training to community-driven agencies interested in building joy-based learning spaces using Restorative Practice. We support participants' development process to reach their full potential by valuing their cultural legacy and uniqueness. As a team, we work together to build a social and emotional foundation that reaffirms individual and collective identity. Our services are provided in English and Spanish to impact

Latino community members.

                           Diaspora's Cultural Expressions

                      Expresiones Culturales de la Diáspora

                 Educational Projects/Culture/Arts/Performances

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