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COKIDS  is a fun, multiculturally responsive project for school-aged children from K to 5th grade. We create collaborative, diverse, joy-based learning spaces in schools and centers in urban settings that are interested in building artistic residencies, workshops, and cultural events in schools.  Our curriculums are designed to engage our participants in a creative journey where they learn about leadership, literacy, art, wellness, social justice, and artivism. COKIDS utilizes a Restorative Practice approach to build social capital, equality, authentic expression, and a healthy social-emotional experience where children are valued, respected, and seen.  Members learn to represent themselves, use their voices, feel pride in their cultural heritage, and appreciate the importance of an inclusive society.  O Team also offers consultancy services for centers in need of after-school curriculums.

               Educational Projects /Arts/Culture/Performances


                         Enjoy a Paso Negro experience!

Paso Negro organizes Afro Diasporic artistic and cultural events. We offer live musical performances, Afro-Caribbean music, and dance workshops with AfroStep Atelier. We also organize lectures for educational institutions and live musical performances for private events. Paso Negro is heritage, pride, and celebration with 30 years of experience in Puerto Rico and the US. 

                             Educational Projects/Art/Culture/Performances

Welcome to an O Team Experience

Phenomenal Tales of Womanhood

Phenomenal Tales of Womanhood - plain.jpg

Experience a wellness, creative, and cultural retreat for Young girls and Women. O Team creates a space where your story matters! The workshop is adjusted for participants of all ages to empower, heal, and share creative voices. 

Phenomenal Tales of Womanhood.

         Make your story matter!

         Diaspora's Cultural Expressions
      Expresiones Culturales de la Diáspora

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Dance, laugh, sing, learn, share, heal, help

Baila, rie, canta, aprende, comparte, sana, ayuda


Our Perfomances

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Live Music

Are you looking for something unique for your special event?  Paso Negro offers a variety of Afro Caribbean live performances with NYC's best Afro-Diasporic drumming ensembles for public and private events. We offer you the traditional sounds of the Caribbean to enjoy interactive, engaging, powerful musical performances that you will not resist the desire to move to the beat of the drums that feel like Summer all year long!

 ¡Baila al golpe del tambor y canta con nosotros!


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"Our work is a social and musical movement rooted in love."



An explosion of culture with sounds and movement!

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